Tiersa Nureyev's body of work resides in the intersection between art, design, and craft. Her entry point into these disciplines is typically textile based, materials driven, hands on, and coupled with an emphasis on artistic inquiry and collaboration. Tiersa is interested in the how and why when making work. She applies this thinking to three distinct yet related fields: costume/visual design, textile/fashion product design, and art/design education.

Tiersa has costumed for film, musical theatre, dance and performance art, and has worked with fellow artists to create fiber-based elements, structures and garments for gallery projects and set design. She is the co-founder of a collaborative design studio, Stella Fluorescent, that creates collections emerging from partnerships with Bay Area designers and artists. Stella Fluorescent has worked with natural dyers, wood artisans, metal smiths and painters to create sustainably designed fashion lines that are sold in boutiques and design stores nationally and online.

Tiersa has been a teaching artist with SF Arts Education Project since 2006 and sits on their board as the organization's artist representative. She believes strongly that art and making is an integral part of the human experience. This conviction touches all aspects of her work; as a teaching artist with students within the SF School District, to summer programs with youth that probe deeply into the nature of fashion as identity, to collaborating with artists currently residing in San Quentin Prison.

Tiersa lives in San Francisco with her husband, daughter, and many cats.